Company Overview

We are an emerging force in South African business community that envisages acquiring aspirations and ambitions of professional and non-professional people from diversified backgrounds.
Our approach to the market is to identify those clients who have similar goals with regards to managing growth and development of South African Economy and making a difference, thereby increasing their competitive position in the market. This allows us to assist our clients in achieving their goals with accuracy as well to curb unemployment within South Africa with a specific focus on different industries.
As part of our strategy , Born 2 Win Company structure remains small at the core with networks and strategic Alliances with Industry leaders.Our unique structure enables us to respond quickly to client needs, efficiently maximizing market opportunities and positioning ourselves as manufacturer and supplier in the niche client segments

Our Core values

We strive for excellence in delivering business solutions tailored to our clients’ needs. Our customers ask us to do great things – and we do.
We believe in treating our customers with respect & faith .
Born to Win Clothing to  this day is to offer best innovative solutions  and business  features and functionality to benefit those who know it best – our customers.

Mission Statement

To build long term relationships with our customers and Clients & to provide exceptional customer services .

Supply and Source of Raw Material

We source our fabrics from leading textile Distributors .

Our Leadership

Our leadership is a result of our employees
Each of them brings diverse backgrounds and specialised disciplines to deliver the one thing that our customers want most – innovative solutions.

Leadership  Team 

Zimasa Ngondeka , Founder and Managing Director , drives the Born to Win Clothing overall strategic vision while overseeing all facets of the company’s operations. Zimasa Ngondeka started having passion about the different undertakings of the business about few years ago , and her  passion quickly grew into a business.
Zimasa is an experienced Production /Management Accountant , who has held various roles at International FMCG’s .A very passionate and energetic professional .She delivers superior and long lasting experience to her clients .
She is also the Director of Mai –Kai MedPharm Supplies that sources trustworthy and reliable medical supplies in this time of urgent need.
Welcome to Born 2 Win ….we looking forward to working with you
Feel free to hire us !We promise to be prompt and efficient ,Our creativity is unparalleled and will make you stand out !

Born to Win Clothing –Manufacturing

Product Specifications

All PPE items are manufactured on an order-by-order basis and can therefore be customised to meet
your specific fabric and construction requirements. We also have a variety of fabric weights and
colours available to accommodate your needs so please ensure this information is confirmed for us to
provide the most accurate quote possible.

 All prices exclude VAT and delivery which will be quoted separately once the final order
volume and delivery location are known.

Payment terms: 70% deposit required before production commences and balance on
completion of order before delivery.

 Lead times: To be supplied once order is confirmed.

Born to Win Clothing has gained the necessary CIPC certification to be able to operate during the
national lockdown period and as a result our production lines have been converted to manufacture
protective masks and various PPE items to help combat the global fight against Covid-19.quality,

Born to win Clothing . offers a wide selection of work garments broadly categorised into light duty
workwear, heavy duty workwear, specialty clothing and professional clothing. Every Born to Win
garment is produced under strict quality control and stands out for its quality, strength, and durability.

One of South Africa’s most promising & fastest growing workwear manufacturing companies

We have built a world-class supply chain, leveraging our superior manufacturing capabilities and a
network of reliable suppliers. We continuously seek new ways to increase production efficiency,
ensuring both the quality and affordability of our products.

Corporate wear /Uniforms

Professional & Executive Workwear

 Our high quality professional& executive garments are made from the best fabrics for usage
in today’s professional arena ,like office/hospitals /food processing industry /restaurants
.These garments are designed for comfort and functional ease .The fabrics are sourced
from reputed vendors conforming to international standards .The garments are aesthetically
crafted keeping in tune with the need of our buyers for comfort and functional requirements .

professional cleaning corporate wear

Manufacturing & Mining

Speciality Workwear

 -Our speciality clothing is ergonomically designed for specific use in industry with fire
/Chemical /Electric hazards , for comfort & protection .The work wear enhances the safety
aspect of other user with comfort and functional ease as well as round the clock use by
applying high visibility tapes for night or insufficient light conditions.The materials used is
sourced from the most technically advanced fabric producers from across the globe and
are complying to EN /BSI/ISO standard . aesthetically
crafted keeping in tune with the need of our buyers for comfort and functional requirements .

Light Duty Workwear

 Designed aesthetically for comfort in hot & humid weather, our light duty workwear is
ideally suited for workshop/warehouse/gas station etc. These garments are made out of
fabric sourced from the best mills in South Africa and abroad for durability & functional
qualities. A team of highly dedicated professionals oversee the manufacturing & fabrication
process to bring out products of the highest standard.

Premium manufacturing workwear fabric

Heavy Duty Work wear

Designed and made for comfort & durability in all-weather conditions,
especially for heavy industry to withstand rough use. Our heavy duty
workwear is made from the finest fabrics sourced from across the globe to
optimize the different needs of the user. The production process is in tune
with various quality control parameters for meeting the high standards of our
discerning customers.

Manufacturing workwear

School wear manufacturer

We supply to School shops(Private schools ), Stokvels ,NGO’s, Corporates, Government
Departments,Sports Departments and Social Welfare organisations.
We manufacture and supply direct to pre-schools, primary, intermediate and secondary schools
throughout South Africa


 Are you looking for a completely customised apparel solution for your corporate or
private sporting team? We offer a wide range of custom-made sports apparel
garments for all sporting disciplines including Athletics, Rugby, Soccer, Netball, Field

Hockey, Volleyball, Tennis, Basketball, Cricket, as well as Fitness Apparel such as T-
Shirts, Vests, Leggings, Hoodies and Shorts.

 We have the know-how to simplify the journey for you – from design to retail
by offering you a one-stop-shop solution including sourcing, sample
development, bulk production, quality control until delivery at your door.

In –House Branding methods

 Embroidery
 Screen Printing
 Vynl Printing
 Sublimation


 Our skilled team of pattern makers work to the latest in fashion styles and fits and are capable


Garment sampling creation and testing to ensure your product meets your expectations before we
proceed with bulk orders


Once your design is done it is important to manufacture a prototype as soon as possible afterwards
for evaluation purposes .Possible design errors and afterthoughts need to be identified and
implemented .Production manufacturing processes also need to be addressed at this stage to
produce accurate and quality production products .

Our in-house capabilities in this regard as well as a sound industry support base ensure that lead
times are drastically reduced in order to finalise product designs for production purposes .