Product Specifications

All PPE items are manufactured on an order-by-order basis and can therefore be customized to meet your specific fabric and construction requirements. We also have a variety of fabric weights and colours available to accommodate your needs so please ensure this information is confirmed for us to provide the most accurate quote possible.
All prices exclude VAT and delivery which will be quoted separately once the final order volume and delivery location are known. Payment terms: 70% deposit required before production commences and balance on completion of order before delivery.
Lead times: To be supplied once the order is confirmed.

Born to Win Clothing has gained the necessary CIPC certification to be able to operate during the national lockdown period and as a result, our production lines have been converted to manufacture protective masks and various PPE items to help combat the global fight against COVID-19.quality,
strength, and durability.
Born to win Clothing. offers a wide selection of work garments broadly categorised into light-duty workwear, heavy-duty workwear, speciality clothing and professional clothing.

Every Born to Win garment is produced under strict quality control and stands out for its quality, strength, and durability. One of South Africa’s most promising & fastest-growing workwear manufacturing companies.

We have built a world-class supply chain, leveraging our superior manufacturing capabilities and a network of reliable suppliers. We continuously seek new ways to increase production efficiency, ensuring both the quality and affordability of our products.