Manufacturing workwear & Mining
Speciality workwear

Our specialty manufacturing workwear clothing is ergonomically designed for specific use in the industry with fire /Chemical /Electric hazards, for comfort & protection.

The workwear enhances the safety aspect of other users with comfort and functional ease as well as round the clock use by applying high visibility tapes for the night or insufficient light conditions.

The materials used is sourced from the most technically advanced fabric producers from across the globe and are complying to EN /BSI/ISO standard. aesthetically crafted keeping in tune with the need of our buyers for comfort and functional requirements

If you are ,however, looking for Corporate wear, we have got you covered as well.

Light Duty Workwear

Designed aesthetically for comfort in hot & humid weather, our light duty manufacturing workwear is
ideally suited for workshop/warehouse/gas station etc.

These garments are made out of fabric sourced from the best mills in South Africa and abroad for durability & functional qualities. A team of highly dedicated professionals oversee the manufacturing & fabrication process to bring out products of the highest standard.

cold storage manufacturing workwear
Manufacturing workwear

Heavy Duty Work wear

Designed and made for comfort & functionality; durability in all-weather conditions, especially for heavy industry to withstand rough use.

Our heavy duty manufacturing workwear is made from the finest fabrics sourced from across the globe to optimize the different needs of the user. The production process is in tune with various quality control parameters for meeting the high standards of our discerning customers.

Our manufacturing workwear is made to International ISO Standards